Friends of Savernake Hospital and the Community

Friends approve two grant applications

1. In recent weeks the Friends of Savernake Hospital and the Community (Marlborough, Wiltshire) have approved two grant applications from Marlborough and Pewsey surgeries respectively.

In October, the Friends provided over £440 to Marlborough Medical Practice for the purchase of a pulse oximeter to be used for both adult patients and children. Pulse oximeters are a vital piece of medical equipment for general practitioners which are used to painlessly measure blood oxygen levels in the blood.

In November the Friends approved a grant of £750 to assist Pewsey Surgery with the purchase of a replacement spirometer.  A spirometer can be used to diagnose asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and other conditions affecting breathing.  It is anticipated that around 500 existing asthma and COPD patients will benefit from the spirometer at Pewsey Surgery.

2. The Friends have also approved grants for both Ailesbury Ward and Cotswold House (the specialist eating disorder unit) at Savernake Hospital.

The grant to Cotswold House allowed for the purchase of some much needed garden furniture for patients.

In September the Friends provided £200 to Ailesbury Ward for the purchase of rehabilitation aids to be used in conjunction with specialised weekly leisure sessions for patients aimed at speeding up their rehabilitation process and thereby decreasing their length of stay in hospital.  The sessions aim to improve cognitive abilities and movement, as well as increasing social interaction.  The sessions will also provide therapy staff with the opportunity to assess patients engaging in a structured environment.