Research Methodology 

This document explains the framework that underpins the research.

It’s based on a model of ‘talent management’, which considers talent as combination of ‘Commitment’, ‘Competence’ and ‘Contribution’. This model appears to have significant synergy with volunteer management.

The research is also designed to be interactive, with the ability to absorb feedback from relevant organisations, and also reflect the contribution of participants from the EYV11 Opening Doors Action Learning Workshops.

Interactive Mindmap 

This mind-map depicts the various barriers and strategies to inclusive volunteering relevant to this topic. These are each related to the key aspects of the ‘talent management’ model. The mind-map also features embedded links sign-posting users to research sources and supporting resources.

Also, as we receive further research from the volunteer-involving community, we will update the mind-map and supporting resources.

Analysis and further areas to explore

This document summarises the key issues arising from the research, which are presented as current gaps in practice and knowledge in this inclusive volunteering topic. The last section outlines the key questions to guide further research on how to fill these gaps. It’s this section that we need to progress together as a sector, and please feel free to contribute thoughts and examples of emerging good practice, either via the Attend Connect forum or email academy@attend.org.uk)

Attend Connect Forum 

This on-line forum provides the opportunity for you to explore this ‘Opening Doors to Volunteering’ topic in more depth, to take part in discussions and share knowledge with other members interested in developing inclusive and innovative practices.