The League of Friends Nevill Hall

We were advised by the Hospital Authorities that we should consider the fact that most of our volunteers were in the vulnerable age group and so we decided to close our Coffee/Snack bar.

I immediately contacted Hospital Services to find that they had set up an Operations Hub to help to continue the supply of food, snacks, and drinks to in-patients and also to the front line staff on all wards including the Covid wards.

So from the third week of March we have been supplying water, squash, healthy eating and snacks all from our reserves. We were then asked if we could help with night attire, toiletries and most of all lip salve plus reading material. We stepped up to the plate and so far have supplied over £2000 worth of those items while continuing to supply the needs of the inner person.

I put a little bit out on our Facebook page and we have received a massive amount of donations,  some cash but mostly items which we have sorted and re-bagged and passed through the Operations Hub.

It has been both exciting and pleasing to know we have been able to help. We have received cards thanking us and asking us when we will be getting back to normal. At the moment we anticipate that to be when the footfall will come back towards normal, which we hope will be late August.