Friends of Care Homes

This project has its roots in the volunteering initiatives of Friends groups for over 50 years.

We began a pilot project which sees the Friends groups as one of the bridges between the local community and the care home.

Our embryonic project now sees us working in 20 or so care homes, and in each we have three key contributions:

  • encouraging local people to give their time
  • supporting a larger project that provides residents with a different opportunity than they might have had
  • purchasing small items that really add value to daily activities for the residents.

We have had a number of projects which have focused on specific themes including residents with dementia, and the spiritual needs of residents,

The project thrives through the efforts of local Friends groups, and more of their particular stories can be followed at

If you would like to find out more then please do get in touch with us at [email protected] Tel 0845 450 0285